The golden spindle


作者:by Donna Brooks


出版社:Eloquent Books

出版地:Durham, CT



分類:青少年文學  英文書  


Another fun-filled adventure is in store for the honeybee princess Raya and her spirited insect (and spider) friends in Donna Brooks' sequel to The Magic Amphora. The mischievous Mr. Ralphe knows a special spider secret to the Blue Meadow that Princess Raya and her friends discovered while on a quest for the magic amphora. An ancient code must be solved in order to save a group of bees and, once again, it is up to Raya, Mr. Ralphe, Mr. Bzyk the wasp and their Blue Meadow friends to break the evil spell of the Black Shadow before it is too late!

About the Author:

Donna Brooks was born and raised in Poland and now lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband, Dan, and children, Bart and Paulina, while Radek, Bea and Agnes are raising families of their own. She runs a successful business and plans to continue writing more magic- and nature-inspired stories for children.

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