The witch’s cat


作者:by Jeanie Vant


出版社:Eloquent Books

出版地:New York, NY



See what happens to a little black kitten with silver whiskers and golden eyes when he is found the day after Halloween. The little black kitten belongs to a gentle old witch, who becomes ill on the scariest night of the year. On the morning of November 1, the kitten enters a church basement where a bazaar is about to take place. A lady takes him home to give to her nephew, Alex, who gives the kitten a name, a home and love. Tom Kitty and Alex become great friends, but by the next Halloween, Tom suddenly remembers the kindly old witch, so he must leave. Alex searches everywhere for The Witch's Cat and later learns that Tom Kitty has a commitment beyond being his pet and friend. The Witch's Cat was inspired by a true incident that happened to the author, when a small black kitten was found in a churchyard one cold November 1. Jeanie Vant has been married for thirty-nine years and raised a family of two. A retired teacher, she has written poetry since she was a young girl and previously published a children's book in 2006, called The Squirrel Family. She lives in British Columbia, Canada. Publisher's website:

  • I would like to dedicate this book to all thechildren(p.1)
  • Once upon a time, in a small cave, therelived a very old witch.(p.5)
  • Th e faithful little black kitten, with silverwhiskers and golden eyes(p.8)
  • He remembered what the old witch had told him(p.10)
  • Later that afternoon the kitten was taken toa new home where he stayed for a whole week.(p.12)
  • Now, Alex had wanted a kitten for a verylong time.(p.14)
  • Then it was October and all the childrenwere talking about Halloween.(p.16)
  • Each day when Alex came home from schoolTom Kitty seemed very sad.(p.18)
  • That winter Alex became very ill with a highfever.(p.20)