The little bear who worried too much:Suzie bear and the music festival


作者:by Jacqueline Cook


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing

出版地:Houston, TX



No matter how much Suzie Bear tries, she can't help worrying about everything, especially her upcoming piano recital at the annual music festival. Even though she practices her piece over and over, she just can't seem to get it right, and she becomes more anxious as the recital draws near. With the help of her teacher, Suzie finds the perfect key to overcoming her fears. Debut author Jacqueline Cook's first book in the Suzie Bear series draws on her real-life experience as an elementary school teacher in Canada. She hopes to help readers overcome their anxiety.

  • Suzie Bear worried about everything!(p.4)
  • Mama Bear would park the car and take hold of 9uzie Bear's paw.(p.6)
  • “Good! Good!”said Miss Panda, until suddenly at measure sixteen . . .(p.8)
  • Suzie Bear,said Miss Panda, “it’s just one single note(p.10)
  • Plays with sensitivity. A talented musician.(p.12)
  • Suzie Bear and her Mama stopped for a moment to look in Mr. Grizzly's toy shop window.(p.14)
  • The shop was fairly dark ard very quiet. guzie Bear felt the magic and found herself speaking in a hushed voice.(p.16)
  • “Oh well, it takes all sorts,” chuckkd Mama Bear. It was time for Suzie Bear’s piano lesson.(p.18)
  • In a quiet but firm voice, Miss Panda said, ‘Whenever you tell Yourself you cannot do something(p.20)
  • It was the day of f he festival. The competitor number at the front of the auditorium changed from number Five to number six.(p.22)
  • The Iat of fhe competitors had performed.(p.24)
  • Suzie Bear’s face glowed with happiness as she went up onto the stage to receive her certificate(p.26)
  • Back home once more, Suzie Bear I and her mama Gat in front of a Iovely warm fire.(p.28)
  • You're welcome, replied Mama Bear.(p.30)